New XRumer 12.0.12: posting on forums, blogs, soc.nets

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<b>Its a revolution of captchas bypassing and <font color=green>MASS POSTING ON A MILLIONS SITES:</font></b>

<b>XRumer 12.0.12</b> automatycally recognize most difficult ReCaptchas
+ registering,
+ posting,
+ publishing,
+ profiles autofilling (with avatars also)
+ personal messaging, etc.!

<b><font color=red>"Super-difficult ReCaptcha"?! Lol, its not a problem now!</font></b>
Botmaster Labs (c) creates a new revolutional technology of Google's JavaScript processing


<b><font color=red>"ReCaptcha like a House-number"?! New russian technologies make it not a problem too joke </font></b>


Also, in <b>XRumer 12.0.12</b> significantly improved work with such engines as:
<i>+ XenForo
+ Discuz
+ PhpBB (latest versions)
+ MyBB
+ VBulletin
+ Drupal
+ a lot of guestbooks</i>
<b>(at all, XRumer works with more than 150 different engines)</b>

+ a lot of improvements of another antibot processing
(textcaptchas like "What is last name of Bob?", CloudFlare, StopForumSpam, etc.)
<b>(at all, XRumer know more than 500 types of graphical captchas and more than 200.000 types of textcaptchas)</b>


With buying <b>XRumer 12.0.12 Standard</b> you will get <b><font color=green>ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE</font></b>:

<b>1. SocPlugin</b>
XRumer's tool for working (messaging/inviting/liking/promoting/autofilling) of <b>Facebook</b> and several other Soc.Networks with captcha bypassing
(unique: <b>no any service needed to captchas recognition and bypassing!</b>)

<b>2. BlogsPlugin</b>
New XRumer's tool for autoblogging. Free beta version.
Mass registration of account on the:

<i>+ Wordpress
+ Blogger
+ Livejournal
+ Tumblr
+ Bloglines
+ Netvibes</i>

Need more info?
Just Google for <b>"XRumer 12.0.12"</b> smile
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